Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Can you guess?

Communal structures, a pointillistic pattern of Zanzibar.
(from the book: "Architecture without Architects" by Bernard Rudofsky, Academy Editions - source of illustration as stated in the book: Mary Light, from "Focus on Africa" by R. O. Light, American Geographical Society).

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je_suis_Grec_aussi :-)

je_suis_Grec_aussi_:-) aims to revitalize Greek morale. It stands for the ones who love the place and want to see Greece standing up again. It is inspired by Greeks who continue to work hard away from the spotlight, pursuing their dream. It is made for people who are Greek or feel Greek, supporting our efforts to build a stronger, healthier European country.

Design - Vote - Shop @ !!!

Lust Decade is a designers' collective. They create original design T-shirts through an interactive online competition. Designers submit their work and you vote for your favourite design. If the design gets many votes  it will be printed as a Lust Decade T-shirt and you will be able to buy it through the online shop. The T-shirts are 100% cotton 160gr. with silkscreen print. Each one bears the designer's name. You can vote for my design "je_suis_Grec_aussi_:-)" on the “VOTE FOR DESIGN” page:
je_suis_Grec_aussi | LustDecade

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