Monday, 18 May 2009

MCA Museum Day 2009 (and a small dose of my Federermania)

Well that was a perfect day! Sunday morning at the museum and afternoon watching Federer def. Nadal, on clay, in Madrid, in two straight sets!!! Now that's what I call a perfect day! Nothing wrong with Rafael but Federer's class is unrivalled.

Images, top to bottom, left to right: Figurine of the Kilia type 'Stargazer', c.4360-2500 BC; poster promoting the exhibition of children's art from the Museum of Greek Children's Art at the workshop of the Museum of Cycladic art; Athina Tsami, age 12, mixed media; Dimitris Stoyianos, age 13, mixed media.

The people in the MCA really did a nice job with offerings and happenings for the little guys and the place was buzzing....the man in honour, Stargazer, was succesfully moulded by little hands at the children workshops, tales were told and everyone was joyful and content.

Images, left to right: Eirini Chalabalaki, age 8, mixed media; Museum means...the Museum makes me feel....noteboard.

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